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Summer 2024 - costa rica

june 2024 - Costa rica


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At the Embodied Entrepreneur Retreat, through a unique series of integrated workshops, dedicated hot seat sessions, and surprise experiences for deeper reflection, your success is not just envisioned; it's felt, lived, & breathed. Embrace your newfound magnetism, attracting success, opportunities, & fulfillment in a way that resonates uniquely with you.

Join me for a unique experience where you'll have the space & time to elevate not just your business but also vibe with the badass CEO within you. 

transformation is within reach.

  • Dates TBD

  • 10 spots available

  • 3-7 Days

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Costa Rica,
Summer 2024

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"I had an absolute
life changing experience!

I’ve never met a more welcoming, loving group of women who all want the same things in life as I do which is LOVE. This retreat was a gateway for me to explore more of myself and continue on my path to healing and healing others.

- Gia

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aligned, yet stuck

Deep down, you know you've got what it takes to succeed, but sometimes it feels like invisible barriers are holding you back. Your vision is clear, your passion is burning, but those recurring patterns seem to get in the way. You're seeking a breakthrough, a way to transcend those boundaries and truly align with your purpose.


You've poured your heart and soul into your business, and the results are there, but so is the exhaustion. You want to cultivate a thriving business without sacrificing your well-being, relationships, or personal growth. You desire a harmonious balance where success and self-care coexist beautifully.


You know you have an irresistible energy within you, a magnetic pull that could attract opportunities, clients, and success. But something's not quite clicking. Your true essence feels slightly out of alignment with your business's direction. You crave a deeper connection where your business is a true reflection of your authentic self, resonating with every fiber of your being.

If You've been feeling...


Post-retreat, envision yourself navigating business decisions with laser-like clarity and intuition. Your goals are crystalline, your path unmistakable, and every step you take is attuned to your higher self.

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Picture your business flourishing, reaching new heights of success you'd only dreamed of. Your self-belief soars, your actions are intentional, and your entrepreneurial journey becomes a testament to your unlimited potential.

Envision a balanced entrepreneurial life where passion fuels your work, boundaries protect your energy, and burnout is a thing of the past. You're thriving, not just surviving, in a business that fulfills you every day.




how does
this sound?

"The retreat showed me that there are incredible, loving women in this world...

And we can all be different and special with our unique gifts & when we connect deeply … we heal and become stronger together."

- ruby