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As an Intuitive Life + Business Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and an experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher, I'm on a mission support you as you live in your truth, tune into your desires and transform your life.  

It's time to give yourself permission for the extraordinary. It's time to stop putting your desires on the back-burner.  It's time to become an amplified version of YOU. It's time to show up online, and in the world, like you mean it.  Because here's a secret: When a woman believes in herself - she becomes unstoppable. 

If you're ready to step into being unapologetically you, fully expressing yourself, and living boldly to turn your wildest dreams into've come to the right place. Keep reading if you're ready to be more committed to your desires than your comfort zone. XO

It's your time to be more committed to your desires than your comfort zone. 

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The reason I'm so passionate? Because not that long ago, I was in your shoes.

Everyone around me was miserable at their low-paying jobs, so I had no example of being passionate about what you did for work.

My family had no money for college, so I ended up becoming a hairstylist…

And I LOVED it! Turns out, I was pretty good at it too ;)

It blew my mind that I could make excellent money at something that was fun and enjoyable.

It made me wonder....If “they” were wrong about that, what else were they wrong about?! 

I realized...I didn't have to live the script that had been handed to me. I could choose how I wanted my life to go. 


I became a yoga & meditation teacher, & eventually a hypnotherapist & coach.

I ran international retreats all over the world and worked with hundreds of women to help them find the courage to create the lives and businesses of their dreams. 

But most of all, I learned how to follow my intuition to create a life and business that works for ME. 

And now, I help other women do the same. 

Take my client Cristi, who completely revamped her business in alignment with what she *really* wanted, set new boundaries, and created a supportive daily ritual.

Then there's Janae, who left a toxic job and found a new one, moved to the home of her dreams and transitioned a casual dating partner into a committed relationship (WOW!)

And Nina, who unraveled outdated habits and patterns, got clear on her soul-based desires, and found her purpose.

growing up, it never occurred to me that I could get paid doing what I love.

fast forward...

I've lived in 6 countries
drinks matcha daily 
I've taught yoga for 21 years
certified hypnotherapist  

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"I went from having a just side-hustle to signing 20+ clients,  booking $45K in revenue.

I built my business over the course of our Mastermind, essentially going from a side hustle with 2-3 clients at a time to a full-time, growing business with a group program and book of 1x1 clients. 

I also significantly deepened my trust as an entrepreneur that my business will continue to grow with abundance. 

- Cydnee DeToy

Bold Soul Wealth Activator: A 3-Day  Hypnosis Series

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Each day brings groundbreaking revelations, transforming old money patterns into a fresh narrative of abundance and growth.

Expect a profound mindset makeover, deep dives into the subconscious, and countless 'aha' moments. It's time to break free, embrace your inner wealthy woman, and boldly step into a future where your business and finances are as spirited and bold as you are.

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